Sunday, September 06, 2009

Holiday Weekend Notes

This weekend we’ve been lounging around the house, making sure all the requisite school supplies are bought and labeled. A friend introduced me to the works of sci fi writer John Scalzi and Mr. J are working our way through a group of novels he wrote with reappearing characters, not quite a series but all connected. I highly recommend his work. Start with Old Man’s War. It’s a space western, told from a soldier’s viewpoint but with a lot of interesting and thoughtful concepts, and fewer "shoot'em ups" than you might expect. Scalzi writes women characters very well. It’s good stuff.

There is a link on his website to a blog entry he wrote called "Being Poor." It hurt just to read it.


Ron Michael said...

I'll throw my two cents in and also say what great reads Scalzi's books are. I really liked Old Man's War, The Ghost Bridges and The Last Colony (I have all three on my Kindle). For some reason I didn't care much for the fourth book, Zoe's Tale - I only read the free Kindle sample and stopped there.

AboveAvgJane said...


I finished Zoe's Tale this weekend and liked it, but the plot does include some very convenient rabbits pulled out of hats. It was interesting to get the backstory on some of the events in The Last Colony. I have Sagan's Diary but haven't read it yet. The friend who recommended Scalzi to me said the android books are good, too.

He recently wrote an entry for the AMC blog on design problems in the "Star Wars" universe which I thought was hilarious.

Thanks for your comment. Hope you are doing well.