Monday, September 14, 2009

Budget Update

In the past few weeks we've bought enough pens and pencils to support a small law firm for a year, as well as assorted other school supplies, following the various and often conflicting lists sent from various teachers. I've filled out more forms and paperwork for the kids' school than it took to get a mortgage and buy a house. The kids have gotten back into the swing of things, school, homework, and so on. I have two parents' association meetings in the next week or so. We have done our part to get the year off to a good start.

The state, which provides a good percentage of public school funding, still does not have a budget, and has not since July 1. We are on the only state in the union to still have that distinction. If you will forgive an uncharacteristically blunt and vulgar comment, the four legislative caucuses and the governor do not seem to be able to find their collective backside in broad daylight. Capitol Ideas is reporting that a compromise budget may be in the offing. Eventually something will have to be cobbled together but it has long since passed the time that anyone should expect any kudos for this.

Some years ago I read a quote that the primary rule of suburban politics was "don't [mess] with people's kids." I can't find the source of the quote but it seems accurate. Ten weeks into the fiscal year with no budget; school has started and the state has missed two monthly payments to schools. That's [messing] with the kids.

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