Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bryan Lentz Staffs Up for Congressional Race

From the inbox:

State Representative Bryan R. Lentz took a significant step closer today to formally announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District by announcing that a group of experienced campaign consultants have signed onto his campaign. Attracting this type of top flight talent is a testament to the strength of his candidacy.

“I’m happy to announce today that Neil Oxman of the Campaign Group, Andrew Kennedy of Kennedy Communications and Jeff Pollock of Global Strategy Group have all signed onto our campaign,” Lentz stated. “As we move forward, it is important that we build an experienced team so that I can go to Washington and continue the fight for renewable energy, creating green jobs and improving veterans’ benefits.”

All three firms worked on various campaigns in Pennsylvania in 2008. You can peruse some of their clients in my Political Consultant's Scorecard: PA version.

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