Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ann Scheuring's Statement on Labor Day

From the inbox:

Anne Scheuring's Statement on Labor Day

"Today we celebrate the sacrifices and achievements made by our brothers and sisters in organized labor. The leaders of the union movement provided generations of American working families with a middle class lifestyle they deserve but today we are facing difficult times. High unemployment, over 1 million Pennsylvanians without healthcare and perhaps the most alarming occurrence is the status of the budget in Harrisburg. State workers, teachers, child care providers are losing their jobs, their pay, their benefits daily because our lawmakers are playing politics with the lives of working Pennsylvanians. Many would choose to pass a budget on the backs of workers if they had the opportunity. We must stand up, we must pass a budget, we must fund our schools, we must fund our healthcare facilities, we must fund our law enforcement. This is our time to rise above, September 29th is our time to bring back common sense and dignity to Harrisburg. I hope that everyone enjoys a day of rest and relaxation in the company of friends and family, tomorrow we must begin to end this budget debacle."

Anne Scheuring will be spending that day with members of organized labor in Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley. She is a Lansdale Councilwoman, wife, mother of four and grandmother of seven. She is a lifelong Lansdale resident and is active in many community organizations. She is the Democratic candidate for the 24th State Senate District.

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