Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shapiro on Health Reform Panel

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Sebelius, DeParle Announce Establishment of State Legislators for Health Reform

State Leaders to Work for Health Reform in Communities Across America

U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and White House Office of Health Reform Director Nancy-Ann DeParle today announced the establishment of State Legislators for Health Reform. The group includes State Legislators from across the country who will work to advance the need for health reform this year in their communities across the country. Members of the group met with Sebelius and DeParle at the White House today.

“As a former Governor, I know that state legislators can be an incredible asset as we work to make reform a reality,” said Secretary Sebelius. “These leaders see why we need health reform every day because they are living in communities where families and businesses are struggling with skyrocketing health care costs. State Legislators know first-hand how the high cost of care is impacting their state budget and forcing incredibly tough choices. They are hearing from constituents who can’t get the care they need, and they are committed to reform that builds on what works and fixes what doesn’t.”

“Lots of people in Washington are talking about health care, but the most important conversations about health care are happening around kitchen tables in cities and towns across America,” said DeParle. “State Legislators will help ensure Americans across the country know how health reform can help improve health care for all of us.”

State Legislators for Health Reform includes leaders from across the country who will educate their communities on the need for health reform this year. The legislators will host public events, author opinion pieces in local publications, and use their established networks to organize constituents in support of health reform.

“We are all working in our states on health issues, but we know that this is an American problem that deserves an American solution. One state can’t do it alone,” said Iowa State Senator Jack Hatch. “We will use our networks and our voices to organize and champion the cause of health reform.”

“We are proud to commit to fight for health reform,” added Washington State Senator Karen Keiser. “Many of us have been working hard on health issues for years, and when we return home, the hard work will continue. State Legislators will be doing all we can to help pass health reform this year.”

Only 22 state legislators were named to the panel; one being Pennsylvania's Josh Shapiro

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