Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Election Results

With 91% of results in statewide it looks like:

State Supreme Court, Jack Panella (D) against Jane Orie Melvin

Superior Court: the Democratic candidates are: Robert Colville, Anne Lazarus, and Kevin McCarthy; there were only 3 GOP candidates so all will be on the Nov. ballot.

Commonwealth Court: Dems: Linda Judson and Barbara Ernsburger against GOP: Patricia McCollough and Kevin Brobson

Delaware County Court of Common Pleas: Both candidates cross-listed but each won her own party so Nancy Rhoads Koons (D) will face Linda Cartisano (R)

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas: The endorsed candidates cross-listed. D's: Baldi, Gilman and Zellis, R's: Baldi, Gilman and Bateman.

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas: D's: Cheryl Lynne Austin, Lois Murphy, Jeff Lindy, Ann Thornburg Weiss, Joel Bernbaum, Richard Haaz, and Michael Shields; R's : Patricia Coonahan, Kelly Wall, Carolyn Carluccio, Joanna Cruz, Gary Silow, Gary Page, Wendy Damchick-Alloy

Since not all results are in, and those reported may change, please check your newspapers tomorrow morning.

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