Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Quick Look at Jack Panella

Jack Panella, currently a Judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court, is running for state's Supreme Court. He is rated "highly recommended" by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and he is the only judge in the commonwealth's history to serve as both Chair of the Judicial Conduct Board and President Judge of the Court of Judicial Discipline.

In person Panella can be soft-spoken and personable. These gentler qualities belie his impressive resume. He is the statewide Administrative Judge for Wiretap & Electronic Surveillance in Pennsylvania and also served as the Administrative Judge for Asbestos. Those are disparate specialties. He is a primary author of the book The Sexual Violence Benchbook that explains the commonwealth's sexual abuse laws.

His website has a number of good links on it, though I didn't see any judicial questionnaires listed, and those are often very illuminating.

He's worth a look, though.

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