Thursday, April 03, 2008

Presidential Call Total III

Two more calls concerning the presidential campaign over the past week. Last weekend the Hillary Clinton campaign called. Her name came up on caller id with a 610 phone number. The lady who called just wanted to know who I supported in the primary.

Tonight when I got home there was a voicemail message from Emily's List. It assured me that the call was not paid for by a candidate, etc. A woman gave a testimonial on why she was going to vote for Sen. Clinton. Short and sweet.

Presidential Call Total: Clinton 6, Obama 1


Anonymous said...

I have phonebanked for Senator Obama on numerous occasions. Until March 24, we were phonebanking to register new voters. My guess is you are already a registered Democrat.
We have now started calling Democrats. Hopefully, you get another call from a volunteer for Senator Obama soon!

By the way, you have a very good blog.


Anonymous said...

I feel we are being lied to by our media and they treat us like China treats their people when they block the truth.
Why can't they tell us the truth and let us make up our minds on the candidate of our choice based on the truth?

Cheney, Obama, McCain, they have big EXPENSIVE PLANS for all of us.
The costs, we'll pay for them, and uh, oh yea, we will scream about the Recession the whole time we do it.

Let's educate ourselves about the Nuclear Power Plants already in the works by Obama, McCain, and their good buddy Dick Cheney.

Does President Jimmy Carter and Al Gore want to go back in time to Nuclear Waste, to Cancer in children who live near these power plants? Go back in time to handicapped children being born near these Nuclear Power Plants?

I know one thing for sure, the BIG MEDIA on our televisions do want this, because of WHO PAYS THEIR BIG SALARIES!

No wonder the star of "Silkwood", Cher supports Senator Clinton.

What happen to windmills? Wind is too cheap to use for Cheney, Obama, and McCain I suppose they need a great money making scheme, even during a Recession.

How many of the 29 will be built in Texas, since Cheney is behind it all?
People may have a different view than I have, but they should be told the truth by our media, who is owned by the Nuclear Industry at this point, because G.E. is behind the whole thing.
MSNBC, CNN, NBC, New York Times, all major media acting like Communists.