Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Off Topic: My Inner Betsy Ross

Over the holidays I got back in touch with my inner Betsy Ross and dusted off the trusty household Kenmore sewing machine. It was one of the first things I bought after graduating from college, to replace the hand-me-down that was on its last legs. The kids had demolished the pillows on the sofa so I made new ones. But my true seamstressy love is quilting. I got out some of my quilting magazines and my fabric totes to see what went with what. A nine patch with boat and water themed fabric? A window pane pattern with jungle prints? Something with Krazy Kats in contrasting colors? Or something else entirely? In the end I went with trains and wild animals instead of marina, kats, or florals. A Halloween print lap robe I decided to tie and not quilt. The jungle print will be a single bed size and the top is almost done. The train prints, probably a full size, is almost all cut out and coming together in a much funkier way than originally envisioned. These things are organic and often change in the process. They are never error free and that can make them all the more interesting. The wonky block marks goes at the head of the bed. The extra border strip on the back marks the side. There is a story behind them all; I wish I had more time for sewing.

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