Tuesday, November 06, 2007

First Election Day Update

When Clan Jane went to vote about 10:30 a.m. Mr. J and I were voters #82 and #83. The youngest Little J came with us and cast a vote for Debra Todd, being excited about the idea of a woman on the state Supreme Court.

As has been previously discussed here by myself and, in the comments, by other local or regional bloggers, we get a lot of business on state and local races. My sitemeter stats have been double the usual the last few days. People are finding me primarily by searching for judicial and county candidates. So a great many people are trying to find information on the candidates before they vote. I find it quite hopeful.

For those interested in knowing whether or not their county judicial candidates will able to serve out their terms before hitting the mandatory retirement age, check out the Clean Sweep site (pacleansweep.com). I do not agree with their stance on voting against retention of all current judges but if someone can only serve a year or two of their term it doesn't make much sense to retain them, as they will have to be replaced fairly soon anyway.

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