Monday, August 06, 2007

March Senate Journals

Sorry I am behind on these. Here are my notes from the March Legislative Journals of the Pennsylvania State Senate. On most days the only items in the Journal are appointments to boards or lists of bills introduced or shuffled off to committee, introductions of guests, remarks on non-controversial resolutions, and so on. I only take note of substantive debate or conversation among the senators, of which there is very little.

March 12 (43 p.)
March 13 (16 p.)
March 14 (12 p.)
March 19 (14 p.)
March 20 (11 p.)
March 21 (12 p.)
March 26 (14 p.)
March 27 (15 p.)
March 28 (14 p.)

March 13, pp. 14-15 Sen. Fumo on Iraq (again).

March 26, p. 12-13, interesting discussion on autism, pp. 13-14 Sen. Fumo on Iraq (again).

March 27, pp. 5-8, discussion PEMA and the 2/14 snow storm on I-80.

March 28, p. 6-7, ticket resales, pp. 8-9 insurance merger

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