Monday, April 23, 2007

For $500, Hear John Perzel Talk About Winning

I'm working on some long posts so this evening's offering is a bit skimpy.

Campaigns & Elections is having their annual The Art of Political Campaigning seminar from May 31 through June 2. Register now and it's only $505, as opposed to the regular $595.

Looking through the list of speakers and topics I found these Pennsylvania connections, as well as a note on Tom DeLay. There may be others.


What It Takes to Win
Speaking on what it takes to win elections from the standpoint of a legislative leader with the responsibilities of overseeing more than 100 races a cycle, representative Perzel will cover the basic components of a sound, hard fought campaign, what he looks for in a campaign organization and the basic grassroots components that take a borderline campaign to the victory circle.
Representative John Perzel, PA House of Representatives

No Retreat, No Surrender
Congressman Tom DeLay, Former House Majority Leader


The Internet is No Longer Just Tubes and Wires
In 2007, blind faith in traditional media is a recipe for defeat. Find out what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the power of the Internet for your campaign.
Joe Trippi, Trippi & Associates

Video Killed the Radio Star
Effective Political TV Spots: The Strategy Behind the Winning TV Spot
Everyone remembers the Willy Horton ads from the 1988 presidential race. In this session learn how to make your candidate’s message just as effective, with and without the scare tactics.
John Brabender, BrabenderCox

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