Thursday, March 29, 2007

Frahnkenschteen or Frankenstein: Designing the Perfect Legislator

John Micek, over at Capitol Ideas, wants to design the perfect legislator. Today he posed this question to his readers:

What constitutes a productive and effective state legislator?
Is it the number of bills they pass?
Is it how quickly they respond to citizens' needs?
Is it a combination of both?
In any given legislative session, hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of legislation are introduced. Only a handful ever become law. Based on that, you could divide the number of bills a lawmaker sponsors by the number he or she actually gets passed. That'll give you a batting average of effectiveness.
But is that a fair way to do it?

He's asking people to send him suggestions by early next week. I plan to think on it and post my thoughts here, maybe some other bloggers will do the same.

But if anyone sees John flying a kite over a castle or if people with electrodes sticking out of their neck start running for office we'll know what happened.

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