Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scattered Election Results and Thoughts

A few more notes on the suburban races I have watched. Full election results are here.

In the 6th congressional district, incumbent Jim Gerlach defeated Lois Murphy. Murphy sent around a lovely thank you to her supporters. It included this paragraph:

I have asked you all for so much over the course of this campaign. But you won’t be surprised to find me asking you for one more thing: please continue to work to improve our world and our communities. This campaign did not end on Election Day because this campaign was about more than just electing me to serve you in Congress—it was about taking our country in a new and more hopeful direction. It was about the important task of restoring civility to our political discourse. It was about what each of us chooses to do to build a bright and secure future for our children.

I'm not so sure about the civility part but otherwise it is a lovely way to encourage public service.

In the 8th congressional district, Patrick Murphy has been declared the winner, replacing first term Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick. This was the first race I watched in detail and a shout out is due to Josh Nanberg who did a great job of cultivating the netroots (at least this root, the only one I can speak for). He was always willing to answer my newbie questions and the amount of time he was willing to spend in early spadework is a prime reason I followed the campaign as closely as I did.

In the 6th state senate race, incumbent Tommy Tomlinson maintained his lead over Paul Lang. Paul is due for some rest. In the past year or year and half he finished law school, earned an MBA, got married, ran for office, and became a bank vice president. I would have loved to have seen him in the state senate but I think his commitment to public service will keep him involved in his community regardless. I think the world of Paul and wish him well.

In the 12th state senate race, Jeff Albert did not unseat Stewart Greenleaf. Albert had some very thoughtful answers to my interview questions. I’ve read them over several times and learned a great deal from them.

In the 151st state house, Rick Taylor did indeed win, defeating incumbent Gene McGill. I have every confidence that he will do a fantastic job in Harrisburg.

In the 152nd state house, where two very good candidates were running, Republican Tom Murt carried the day. His opponent, Mike Paston, is an excellent public speaker and serves on the school board. Both men are assets to their district.

In the 161st state house, Bryan Lentz defeated incumbent Tom Gannon. All I can do is cheer. Bryan is spectacular.

Of course you know Gov. Rendell was re-elected with 60% of the vote.

And, finally, I bid a big (and not so fond) farewell to departing Sen. Rick Santorum. He will now have lots of time to devote to his children and his garden in Virginia.

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