Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sen. Tomlinson's Double Standard

Republican State Senator Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson (6th district) has sent out one of the stranger press releases I’ve seen recently, criticizing his Democratic opponent, Paul Lang, for having a fundraiser in Newtown, just outside the district boundary.

Thinking that, having been so incensed at Lang for going a few miles outside the district, Sen. Tomlinson would practice what he preaches, I looked around a bit. I see that Malady & Wooten is hosting a fundraiser for him in Harrisburg on Sept. 27th. I note that there was another fundraiser for him in Harrisburg this past December. There may very well be others. This is just what I found doing a quick search.

I also took a look at his campaign finance reports (use search form here). In his 30 day post-primary report (cycle 3), I see that he took in $11,300 in PAC money from organizations based in places like Plymouth Meeting, Richmond, VA, Philadelphia, Ft. Washington, Washington, DC, Columbus, OH, and Harrisburg. In fact, I only saw two PACs, one in Bensalem and one in Langhorne, that are in the 6th state senate district. They totaled $600 of the $11,300. I also looked at his individual donations and noted several from outside the district, including a nice couple in New York who gave him $5,000.

In the 2006 cycle 2 (2nd Friday Pre-Primary) I see $8,550 in PAC donations and none of the addresses look like they are in the 6th district.

So, it looks like Sen. Tomlinson is not averse to raising money himself outside his district; he just doesn’t like it when the people running against him do.

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