Thursday, July 20, 2006

Welcome to Daddy Democrat Blog

We have a new friend in the regional blogosphere -- Daddy Democrat. He's a real standup guy and has designed a nifty button for the Progressive Suburban Philly Bloggers (see for yourself -- on my right sidebar). DD is following the 7th congressional district (Joe Sestak) and the 161st state house (Bryan Lentz). Check out part of a recent post on Lentz:

Bryan always impresses me whenever I run into him. He’s a natural for politics, and I mean that in all the best possible ways. He first got my attention in November, when he contacted our Township Dems a few weeks before the local-only election. With nothing asked in return, he mobilized his volunteers to help us staff the polls. They didn’t wear Lentz swag. They just showed up and worked their tails off for our candidates. “Right now, the most important thing we have to do is get Democrats elected,” he told me. Bingo. Candidates need to ask for help, and I’m more willing than most to work for them. But you have to be impressed with a candidate who, in the big-money era of politics, scratches your back first.

I've developed the same opinion of Lentz.

Welcome to Daddy Democrat and many thanks for the spiffy button!!


Daddy Democrat said...

Thanks for laying out the welcome mat, Jane. You're the best.

Seventh Watch said...

DD's site is looking good!
Keep an eye on DD and AAJ.