Friday, March 31, 2006

Things To Do

A few things for you "to do" list:

1) contribute to your favorite candidate(s) by midnight tonight

2) BenPA over at Young Philly Politics would like us to contact our state legislators and tell them we don't like the marriage amendment, which may be voted on next Tuesday.

3) April 5th there is a Kick Butts Philadelphia rally at 11:00 at City Hall. A health fair will be set up at 10:30. The main events will happen between noon and 1:00, so if you work downtown you can go on your lunch hour. The Mayor may show, City Council reps Nutter and Tasco are definites. It is a worthy cause:

At 11:30 on Wednesday, April 5th, Philadelphia students (K-12) who participated in the April 4th banner competition will walk with their banners along Broad Street from the School District Building to City Hall to present the winner banner to the Mayor. Banners will represent creative expressions on the issue of tobacco use. The students will arrive at noon to kick-off the Kick Butts Day rally that is scheduled to take place at noon at Dilworth Plaza. This year, the rally will be focused on reducing youth tobacco use and achieving a smoke-free Philadelphia through passage of comprehensive legislation.

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