Thursday, March 16, 2006

Schriftman Out, Endorses Paston

Ross Schriftman, who had been running for the Democratic nomination in the 152nd state house district, has issued this statement:

Ross Schriftman has decided to withdraw from the Democratic Primary in the 152nd State House District (portions of Eastern Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia). "In light of the endorsement of Mike Paston by the committee people in the Montgomery County portion of our District I have decided not to continue my campaign," Schriftman wrote to supporters. "Many of the committee people felt that Mike has more resources to win this election. I respect their decision. I plan to continue my active involvement in politics and public policy issues. I will continue to speak out on issues of government integrity and reform. I will support Mike in the Primary and do all I can to elect him to replace Sue Cornell as our State Representative."

Paston will face either incumbent Sue Cornell or her Republican challenger Tom Murt.

As one note of caution, if you receive announcements on email, and the email has been sent to a number of people, it would be prudent to hit "reply" instead of "reply all," unless you read through the list of recipients and know them all. When people knowlingly put bloggers on their email distribution lists they don't always indicate that to the other people on the list.

I am sorry to hear that Ross is no longer in the running.

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