Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Fate of Featherman

John Featherman, the other Republican running for Senate, is facing a court challenge over the validity of his election petitions. The challenge is being brought by two people associated with the Pennsylvania GOP. I am not certain how this will play out.

Update: See Inky article here.

Update #2: Another article, from the Patriot News.


Jamison said...

They are so afraid of competition. Let's hope for the best.

phillydem said...

Featherman dropped out

John Featherman said...

Yep. I am a private citizen again. I received a phone call from Lawrence Tabas, a lawyer who represents the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. I met him this afternoon athis office so that I could be served with the papers, looked over their case, and decided they were right. I did not have the proper number of signatures. I signed the withdrawal statement, shook hands and left.

I just saw the article, too: http://www.timesleader.com/mld/timesleader/14106135.htm

I'll have to get a new signature after my name now.

John Featherman