Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shapiro Updates

This evening I have two bits of information updating previous posts, both concerning legislation introduced by Rep. Josh Shapiro (D-153).

The State House's latest podcast concerns two bills relating to children. The first is on the proposed Katie Elise Lambert Commission to study of causes of accidental death among children. Shapiro is a prime sponsor of this bill and is interviewed in the podcast. Rep. Allyson Schwartz has introduced similar legislation on the federal level. My previous post on this subject is here.

The second Shapiro update is on HB 1706 which would allow create an articulation system among the states 14 community colleges and state-owned and state-related universities, allowing students to transfer credits from one school to another. Shapiro testified before the House Appropriation committee in support of the bill earlier this month. I wrote on this bill and the general topic here earlier, and on why this is of particular interest to me here earlier.

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