Wednesday, February 15, 2006


It's petition time. You may see candidates or volunteers at train stations or going door to door or at events. Take pity on them and, if you can, sign. It doesn't commit you to voting for that person or even necessarily supporting them; its just saying they can be on the ballot. Sign petitions only for candidates in the party you are registered with and sign only one per race.


Jamison said...

Only one per race? That's a bit restrictive isn't it? Has Featherman gotten all his signatures yet?

AboveAvgJane said...

ManDrake, It's my understanding that it's only one petition per race (one for state senator, etc.), but I'll double check. Featherman is working hard but would probably appreciate assistance.

John Featherman said...


Thanks for asking. The circulation period began February 14th and extends until March 7th. I just got back from the Villanova train station, where I got 46 signatures in about two hours -- for me, that's a poor number as I go out with two clipboards and plenty of petitions. You can only sign a petition for a candidate registered in your party, and you can only sign as many petitions as there are seats open in that race. So for U.S. Senate, you can only sign one petition. There is case law that establishes that if two or more petitions are signed in which there is only one seat, the petition with the earlier date is the one that will be counted. It almost never gets down to that level of detail.

If you know anyone who can help out, I'd appreciate it. If they're volunteers, great. If not, I can pay per valid Republican signature, but the circulator must be a registered Republican. A Democrat could switch registrations for three weeks and then go back to being a Democrat if they want to help.

If you know anyone, please let me know.

I just want to give people a choice. After Bill Scranton and Jim Panyard dropped out, Republicans have no choice but Swann, and there will be no debate.

I want Santorum to have to debate (which I doubt he will as he snubbed me now as well as 6 years ago) or be embarrassed for not debating. I can promise you this, Mandrake ... if I'm on the ballot, I will bring up "man on dog" and many other items, but I need circulators, and I need them fast.