Monday, February 13, 2006

Bad Valentines Poetry

With all the snow and attendant chaos I imagine a few Valentine's dinners and outings will be postponed or canceled. Although this is one of the harsher examples, take note of your options:

If your honey's gone and left you
just before V-Day
Hock the sparklies, take the money
send it Patrick Murphy's way.

If you prefer to send your money to a statewide race consider this guy or this guy. GOP? there's this guy.

As incentive, if any of these campaigns send me any indication that they received any contributions as a result of this post, or if any readers leaves a comment or email to that effect, I promise there will be no more bad poetry this calendar year, except for election days. I can't let an election day go by without bad poetry.

So, it's a deal, yes?

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