Saturday, September 17, 2005

Driving Late at Night say

Everyone has those touchstones, be it a song or image or something else, that grab your guts and turn a black and white scene into color or make the world at that moment safer.

One of mine is those rare instances when I am driving down the road late at night, usually alone, in the country so there are lots of stars, and Woody Guthrie comes onto the radio singing "The City of New Orleans." It doesn't happen often, maybe a handful of times, but it always grabs me when it does. Lately the song has been on my mind. Wonder why.

Update: Someone emailed to say they think it was Arlo and not Woody Guthrie. I did some checking, a quick check, not an exhaustive one, and cannot find any mention of Woody recording the song, so I will stand corrected that it was Arlo. Still a good song.

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