Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Castor Out of the Running

This is hardly news but I hadn't seen real concrete statements on both races. Bruce Castor, Jr, the Montco DA, has decided not to run for either governor or Congressman for the 13th district next year, according to an article in the Sept. 7th Times Chronicle (not online)by Margaret Gibbons, who writes for a number of smaller local papers. An interesting excerpt:

Montgomery County GOP officials recently received poll results that indicated that there is little likelihood that any Republican, including Castor, will be able to unseat Democratic incumbent Gov. Ed Rendell, according to two GOP Sources

Also, in a face-off with Democratic incumbent Allyson Y. Schartz for a congressional seat that serves voting districts in both Montgomery County and Philadelphia, an early poll shows Schwartz would get about 48 percent of the vote to Castor's approximate 20 percent, a source said.

Castor's state senator, Rob Wonderling, has only been in office a few years, and has a lot of support, but state rep. John Fichter is around 70 and has been in office for 12 years, maybe he'd be ready to step aside. With the big pay raise, maybe state office would be more appealing. Of course, there's always county commissioner....

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