Sunday, June 26, 2005

In the Waiting Room

So I’m sitting in the waiting room and browsing through the magazines. Some items of interest:

Details June/July 2205 issue has an article on the “male abortion,” men leaving pregnant girlfriends. It also discussed the percentage of men paying child support who discover through DNA testing that the child is not biologically theirs. They make some good points. I would add a couple of things. One man said his girlfriend of one month told him she was pregnant. There are a lot of things I could say here but I doubt anyone wants to hear them. Another is that I had an absentee parent who did not pay child support and it is not a situation I would recommend for anyone else.

Cooking Light July 2005 issue has a feature on Philly and area restaurants. There is also a very interesting article on Thomas Jefferson’s gardens and the types of food he had grown there and incorporated into his diet. After reading it I went out and bought some bing cherries to eat instead of junk food.

Good Housekeeping July 2005. See “Getting Personal,” on pages 106-108. I don’t know why this is in a women’s magazine instead of, say, Details. It is a list of good answers to questions women often ask men. Example: “Do I look fat in these pants?” Good answers: “You look great. Look at the curve they give you.” Or “You know, those pants aren’t hitting you right.” For the question “Do you remember when we went to [emotionally charge event you swear you didn’t attend]?,” try “All I remember is how gorgeous you were. Everything else is a blur.” One caveat – you have to start using these early in the relationship. If Mr. Jane were to begin saying things like this now I would assume he had been taken by the pod people.


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